Supported by: AHF

Project location: Dehdadi, Balkh and Daulatabad districts of Balkh province.

Donor: UN-OCHA  _ Supported By Afghanistan Humanitarian Fund

Date Covered:

September 2022

Implementer SWRO Org.


Donor: UN-OCHA


Number of:

Project Progress:

Project Progress percentage (100%)

1- There has been coordination with the departments and other stakeholders of the project in April Tower.

  • Coordination with the government departments of the Ministry of Economy and Ministry of Agriculture: Initially, the project of coordination with the government departments has been started until the relevant directorates of this province according to the principles and regulations and its policy plan with the Social Welfare and Reconstruction Institute of Afghanistan in the implementation of the project and the selection of the eligible people of this district. have provided all-round assistance and cooperation so that the field of job creation and self-sufficiency is provided for the beneficiaries of the project and the employees of this office do not face any problems in their region and work area.

Coordination with the Directorate of Economy and Agriculture of Balkh province: The aim of coordination with the aforementioned departments is to facilitate the identification and selection of deserving farmers in close cooperation with the management of agricultural services of the aforementioned districts and to implement the project in its best form.

  • Coordination with the donor’s field office: the purpose of this coordination is that we, as the IP, are responsible and accountable to the donor, in order to have comprehensive relations and cooperation with the mentioned organizations in the implementation of the project.
  • Coordination with the heads of local councils: The aim of coordination with the heads of local councils, village heads and white-haired heads of the respective districts is to better adjust and implement all the issues proposed in the proposal in the area.