SEDEP Project

Location Kabul, Afghanistan

Mushroom Cultivation Training for Women & Returness in Kabul Province, Afghanistan Founded By GIZ

Start Date:

15 - May - 2020

End Date:

30 - September - 2020




4 Million AFG

Number of:

beneficiaries of the project (100)

Project Progress:

Project Progress percentage (100%)

According to its 2020-year plan, the Institute of Social Welfare and Rehabilitation Organization implements the project under the title (Mushroom cultivation training for returning migrant women), the report of which is as follows. Before the start of the project, a preliminary survey was conducted in Kabul province in Dashte Barchi region, and with the understanding of the relevant government departments, the project work started from May to September of the year (2020) for four months with the financial assistance of the friendly country of Germany (GIZ). This saffron cultivation training project is only for immigrant and returnee women, whose training is carried out by a saffron expert professor, and the general activities include theoretical and practical training in saffron cultivation, as well as training in the marketing department, and the separation of this project with other projects. This is the previous one in this project, the capacity of especially migrant women is taken into consideration, who earn a good income for their families. After the training, the necessary materials are fourteen (14) items such  Mushroom Seed’s, Gas grill, Gas balloon, Gas pipe, Gas controller, Big pot, Wood, Plastic map, Plastic for greenhouse, Iron mesh, Straw, Liquid gas, Nail, spoon (scoop). It is distributed to each female instructor. In this training, (100) women will directly benefit from the training of Mushroom cultivation and (500) families will benefit indirectly so that as a result, women can be well informed about their work and social life rights and the economic problems of their families raise.